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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read labels and use as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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Dextran and hypromellose are highly-effective lubricants used to keep eyes moist, comfortable and protected in people who suffer from chronic dry eyes, such as those with Sjogren's syndrome.

Combined, dextran/hypromellose provide similar lubrication and tear-film protection of natural tears. Depending on other ingredients included in the solution, the end product can be of very similar composition to that of natural tears.

One of the more widely-recognized brand-name products containing dextran/hypromellose is Bion Tears, which very closes mimics natural tears. It's also possible to buy dextran/hypromellose in a number of other brands and combinations.

Importance of Eye Lubrication

Most people have experienced brief periods of dry eyes at some point and can relate to the irritation and discomfort that accompanies the condition. Those with chronic dry eyes not only live with the constant irritation, but may also suffer vision loss and permanent physical damage to the eye.

Properly functioning eyes have a 'tear film' which retains a layer of moisture over the eye, which traps dust and other debris, inhibits infection and enhances vision clarity, among other functions. When eyes are dry---especially if the condition is chronic---the tear film can become increasingly thin and less able to fulfill its purpose.

Dextran/hypromellose products expand the tear film while providing lubrication, essentially restoring the eye to its natural, healthy state---reducing the discomfort of dry eyes while enhancing eye protection and increasing vision clarity. High-quality products like Bion Tears contain no preservatives or other irritants, so may be used indefinitely.

What to Expect from Treatment

Dextran/hypromellose products are administered via eye droppers. The medication should be clear and free of particulates; if cloudy, discolored, or if it contains particulates, do not use. One to two drops are administered as-needed. As long as the product is not ingested in large quantities, there are no overdose concerns. Treatment may continue as long as needed.

Relief from dry eyes is often felt immediately after administration. Patients who are only just starting treatment of a chronic condition, or those switching to dextran/hypromellose products after using other products, are advised to undergo at least three weeks of treatment before evaluating the full effectiveness of dextran/hypromellose.

Caution should be used when administering any eye medication to avoid contamination of the eye dropper or the medication itself. Treatment should not begin if an eye infection is present, and if an infection develops during treatment, use of the product should stop until a doctor is consulted.

Like other tear-replacement products use of dextran/hypromellose with contact lenses depends largely on the particular contact in question; it is not suitable in all cases. This does not mean patients with contacts shouldn't buy dextran/hypromellose, however; at worst contacts will simply have to be removed for 15 to 20 minutes after administration of eye drops.

Warnings & Side Effects

Side effects from dextran/hypromellose products are extremely rare, but occasionally problems do arise. Stop use immediately and seek medical attention if experiencing:

  • Eye pain or irritation
  • Increased redness of eyes
  • Symptoms of infection in tear ducts, eyes or eyelids
  • Vision changes (other than a mild increase in clarity)
  • Worsening eye dryness

Dextran/hypromellose products work well for the majority of dry eye sufferers, but there are exceptions; the medication has little effect on some individuals. If it is not producing good results, don't be afraid to explore alternative options---there are many out there worth trying.

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